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Cost of injectables

What's the difference between value and cost?

Cost is a literal term, the price of something in dollars. Value is how much you actually get for paying what you paid.

It's important in the world of medical treatment to know an extremely important difference between the two. If a treatment were performed by someone without skill, and the results were unsightly or damaging, then no matter what the price everyone would agree that the treatment would have a low value.

In my office, I provide minimally invasive treatments (referring to injectable plastic surgery / cosmetic dermatologist San Francisco services). We have developed an expertise in every treatment offered through my office and work every day to ensure that my results are as perfect as can possibly be achieved.

When you compare prices and treatments, don't forget to ask important questions: Is your injector a specialist in cosmetic medicine, such as a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist San Francisco? Are they board-certified in plastic surgery or dermatology? Have they dedicated their professional life exclusively to cosmetic procedures? Do they use all injectables available in the US, so you can be sure you are getting the right one for your situation? Be sure that you get what you pay for, or you cost may be lower but the value you get may be low as well.

Cost of botox and other Treatments

Treatment Price
Botox Cosmetic & Dysport $16/unit
Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero $650/syringe
Radiesse $850/syringe
Sculptra $900/vial
Artefill $1000 / syringe or $4000 per kit (5 syringes)

Jeannie Bell, RN welcome specials!

We welcome a new nurse provider, Jeannie Bell, to our team! Jeannie has over a decade of experience with cosmetic medical treatments, such as Botox, Juvederm and laser rejuvenation. To celebrate her arrival we are dropping prices all the way through the holiday season. Come visit and meet Jeannie, and learn why her patients of many years all lover her so much.

Financing for cosmetic treatments

Dr. Mosser is happy to provide convenient financing options to his patients. Click on the logo below to begin a financing application immediately. There is no commitment whatsoever from applying, and within minutes you'll have an answer regarding your approval status for your procedure.

CareCredit Plastic Surgeon & Dermatologist San Francisco Financing

We're pleased to offer our patients the CareCredit® card, North America's leading patient payment program. The CareCredit card is just as easy to use as a regular credit card, but it's designed specifically for your health and beauty needs.

Best of all, CareCredit offers convenient payment plans and no hidden costs. You can even use your CareCredit card over and over for follow-up appointments.

CareCredit Plastic Surgeon & Dermatologist San Francisco Financing

For a bit more help on applying for these loans and how to qualify click here.

Sculptra Patient Access Program in San Francisco

For HIV+ patients interested in Sculptra treatments at a discounted rate through the Sanofi-Aventis Paitient Access Program, click Here.

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